Summerstar Persians, Persians in solid, bico, harlekin and van Summerstar Persians, Persians in solid, bico, harlekin and van


08th July 2016


We have got now our first litters 2016

also available some very nice young adults (girls)

if you have interest so please feel free and send a e-mail.

We sell only to cageless catterys!!!


Summerstar´s Little Miss Sophie, available

very sweet and playful girl

parents are:

sir:  Summerstar´s Casper (Rhamjoge Secret Love x Couronne Casanova

dam: Summerstar´s Theadora Rose (CFA Ch. Rhamjoge Calamity x Jem Dandy Sidney)

 Please note, only questions about price would be not get a response! I expect some infos about you and your cattery! If you are not willing to write and tell something about you, so stay away!


If you have questions about our upcoming litters so please feel free and send a E-mail...



Due a few of e-mail server and pc problems... if you would be don´t have a response from me within 2 days so please send your e-mail again.

Thank you!

I know I'm just a kitten Lord, but created by your hands,
I am so small and weak and scared, so all your help I need.
Please hear my prayer for things I need, and bless my life indeed,
All things I ask are needed Lord to make my life complete.
Dear Lord please grant me soft warm beds, and toys to delight my days,
A full food bowl every day and water fresh and clean.
Peak health and long life to share my charm,
With those I love so deep.
Please grant me safety from all harm, in loving arms to hide,
A companion that will always care and want me by their side.
Someone that knows I depend on them for all my daily needs,
And gives me endless, total love as you always give to them.
Please never let me be abused, forsaken, cold and scared,
For even a small creation of yours deserves the best in life.
So please dear Lord, please hear my prayer each and every day,
To always keep your hand on me and guide me through this life.
One more small thing I ask of you and then I'll be fulfilled,
Please bless my companion you provide and help them everyday.
Give all the ones that I love, wisdom and knowledge about me,
That they may know I need consistant care and all their love to make it through this life.
Written by Elizabeth Nadine McFarland
copyrighted by Elizabeth Nadine McFarland
June 16, 2002


If you have questions about a cat or kitten, so please feel free and send me a e-mail. Please tell a bit about yourself, catteryname your breeding program and if you are look for a show, breed- or pet kitten/cat. We sell not cats to cage catterys. We also sell not cats to owners with quarantäne on the airports.

Wir bitten Sie höflich, sich bei Interesse an einem unserer Kitten kurz vorzustellen. Eine kleine Information über Sie selbst, Ihr Zuhause, Ihre Katzen, wo diese leben, etc... Herzlichen Dank für Ihr Verständnis.
Unsere Liebhabertiere geben wir nur mit Kastrationsvereinbarung/ Vertrag in ihr neues Zuhause ab.

Tel. 02643-904726

All our cats will be sold with a contract before they leave home.

Sale Pending
A deposit paid on kitten. This kitten will be hold for the buyer until the contractual time full payment is due.

Only Deposit will hold a kitten / Deposits are non - refundable !

The kitten is paid for and is either shipped or to be shipped shortly.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs between 400,00 € and 600,00 € plus the costs of the cat.

Alle Katzen werden mit einem Vertrag verkauft.

Sale Pending
Eine Anzahlung ist geleistet worden. Das Kitten ist für den Käufer reserviert bis wir die komplette Summe erhalten haben. Anzahlungen werden nicht zurück erstattet.

Das Kitten ist vollständig bezahlt.

Wir reservieren nur mit Anzahlung ein Baby - Anzahlungen werden nicht zurückerstattet!