Summerstar Persians, Persians in solid, bico, harlekin and van Summerstar Persians, Persians in solid, bico, harlekin and van

Summerstar´s Theadora Rose

I´m so happy, that this girl is finally stay with me. She is one of the sweetest girls ever and have a very funny personality too.

In the last year, I got a really darling litter out of her, she is a wonderful mommy who take very good care on her babys.

Since I don´t have any pics of her... I´ve lost some as my pc was crashed down... I just try to put a video of her here...

I´ll be take some new pics of her when the kitten season is finished.


Jem-Dandy Sidney of Summerstar, blue-white




CFA Ch. Rhamjoge Calamity of Summerstar



CFA Ch. D´Eden Lover Timotheo, per, red

CFA Ch. Jem-Dandy Arishka, per, blue-white

GC, BW, NW Melositos White Owl of D´Eden Lover

CFA Ch. Zhao Be Still My Heart,

GC, RW, SGC Tica, Ocalico´s Matador, black-white

Davikatz Bellefleur of Jem-Dandy, dilute calico

GC, RW Budmar´s Keepsake of Inthewind, blue-white       Midwest Region's 3rd Best of Breed, 2006-07 season
Midwest Region's 18th Best Cat, 2006-07 season

GC, RW Rhamjoge Lucy, calico

Budmar´s Coming Out

Budmar's Goodie

GC RW, GP, NW Catillak Light My Fire of Rhamjoge DM

GC Rhamjoge Cybil & Friends