Summerstar Persians, Persians in solid, bico, harlekin and van Summerstar Persians, Persians in solid, bico, harlekin and van

11th March 2015

We have more then bad news! Cattery Piesker has been closed here in Germany. The police and animal rescue have try to safe 38 cats from there. For one cat  came any help to late. She has need to be put to sleep. All others are safe! They all was in a really very bad condition, very sick, the most of had need to be cut down in coat.

My boy Summerstar´s Napoleon... Very thin, they have need to be extractet some bites... and he is shaved down too.

Summerstar´s Baroness, one of the sweetest girls ever, she had have luck, had not to be cut down and also was not so very sick. She found a new home and I wish her all the best for the future.

Please follow the link on FB and you´ll see some cats and also babys and youngsters where now life in the shelters. The most are reserved now from nice pet peoples! But if you can help the shelters, maybe with some moneys, so feel free and spend to them. You´ll find out all info about it on the link!


Wir haben sehr schlechte Neuigkeiten. Cattery Piesker wurde hier in Deutschland geschlossen. Die Polizei und der Tierschutz haben 38 Katzen dort raus geholt. Für eine Katze kam jede Hilfe zu spät. Sie musste eingeschläfert werden. Alle anderen Katzen sind gerettet! Sie alle waren in einer sehr schlechten Verfassung, sehr krank, sehr viele mussten geschoren werden.

Mein Kater Summerstar´s Napoleon war sehr dünn und ihm musste ein Teil dre Zähne gezogen werden. Auch er ist geschoren.

Summerstar´s Baroness, eine der süssesten Mädchen überhaupt, sie hatte Glück, musste nicht geschoren werden und war auch nicht so sehr krank. Sie hat ein neues Zuhause bei Liebhabern gefunden und ich wünsche ihr nur das Beste für die Zukunft!

Für mehr informationen, bitte auf den Link klicken! Die meisten Tiere sind bereits fest reserviert. Für einige, ältere Tiere wird noch ein schönes Zuhause gesucht! Aber auch wenn Sie evtl. keine Katze aufnehmen können, stattdessen jedoch evtl. ein bisschen spenden können, jeder Cent wird gebraucht. Auf diesem Link finden Sie alle Daten, welche sie dafür benötigen!


Oktober 2014

We have some on great news here... First, I´ve a new very special girl from my friend Tatiana :-)... I´m so very proud to present

Capriz-Tati Camomille of Summerstar aka Roma.... one of the sweetest girls ever

With her was a big dream becomes true!!!

Second... we have a new litter out of Summerstar´s Theadora Rose x CFA Ch. Rhamjoge Benjamin

All the years Benji produce much girls..., but now, lol, we have 5 boys... All looks very, very promising. When you scroll down, so you see Da Vinci, where is living now in USA, he was out of the same breeding... Now we look on 2 black-white van boys, 2 blue-white bico boys and 1 black-white boy. I´m more then happy about this litter! One boy is spoken for already to a very closed friend of mine, the others would be for sale when they are older. If you have questions about them, so please feel free and send a e-mail.

I also have a new litter out of Planet Love´s My Fable x CFA Ch. Rhamjoge Benjamin. With that litter was becomes 2 dreams true :-)... There is one cream-white bico boy and one brown-patched-tabby-white bico girl... I´m more then happy about them. The boy is spoken for already to a very closed friend of mine and the girl will be stay with me for sure!

In some weeks, we would also get still a new boy, since I feel I come to close with my lines. So in some weeks the new boy will enter our home :-)... Can´t wait to have him here <3


May 2014

I was more then busy in the last some months so I just don´t had have the time to make a update on my website.

Now it´s give some wonderful news here..., you can see them under our cats.

I´ve make some outstanding breedings, in the next some weeks, we would expect the first kittens out of them.

Summerstar´s Da Vinci..., is living in USA


♥ GIC Summerstar´s I`m Kissable of Namyslo ♥

Summerstar´s Tiny Ray of Sunshine x Couronne Casanova

became NR. 3 - TOP 5 on Racekatten´s TOP 5 2012 all breeds and NR. 2 Kat. 1

I´m so very proud on this boy and the owner of him. Dear Lone, thank you so much for showing *Cicero so very well!!!

Summerstar´s Puzzle of Tiavara

CFA Ch. Rhamjoge Calamity x CFA Ch. Rhamjoge Benjamin

December 2011

Fable is living with us since some weeks and I love this girl really so much. She is simply darling!

I´ve also got some wonderful news out of USA. Diane, owner of the cattery Kiddow persians is just showing our boy

Summerstar´s Painted Love of Kiddow

I really think she did a wonderful job on him! Go your way Painter :-)!

August 2011

Soon we would be have a new girl... Planet Love´s My Fable will come to us and I really can´t wait to have her in my arms.

If you want to see more of her, so please klick on the picture!


I´m so very, very proud to present our first homebreed GC and RW

Summerstar´s Love Affair of Rhamjoge!!!

I´m really just on cloud nine because of this show succes. I can´t thanks enough my friend Rhonda to make this possibility.

Summerstar´s Love Affair is out of Summerstar´s Tiny Ray of Sunshine x Couronne Casanova. She was a very promising kitten and I´m so happy that she was stay in this wonderful developing and that she had have so much fun on the shows.

And here come´s the new pics of her :-)!

March 2007

CFA Ch. Summerstar´s Gretchen is on show with Terry Lyn