Summerstar Persians, Persians in solid, bico, harlekin and van Summerstar Persians, Persians in solid, bico, harlekin and van

Planet Love´s My Fable

As I have see the first pics of this little sweetheart, I swear, I was fell in love for her! I think her expression is very special and the personality of her is simply wonderful.

Thank you so much dear Katrin for your friendship and make a dream come´s true with this darling girl! She will be my first blue-patched tabby and I really can´t wait to see her developing!

Parents of her are:

Belamy´s Marky Mark

blue tabby white

Eltern: Großeltern: Urgroßeltern: Ururgroßeltern:


Candirand´s Wind of Change of Belamy




Candirand`s Blast From The Past

blue and white van

GC Candirands`s Somebody Slap me

blue/white van

GC Wattkatz Stroke of Luck
CH Candirand`sSimply Sassy
Ch.Candirand`s Shut up-n-Kiss me

black and white van

GC Candirand`s Simply Irresistible
GC/RW Candirand`s Everlasting Love

Candirand`s Priceless Scandal    DM

brown patched classic tabby

Candirand`s Priceless

blue and white

Catillak From This Moment
Kitcorp For Eternity
Bekah Ashleigh of Candirand

brown patch.tabby

GC Candirand`s Johnny Bravo
GC/RW Silowette of Bekah

Caprimoon´s Latina of Belamy



Paquita`s Gambler


GC RW Paquita`s Quiet Riot


CH Surrey Hill Mud Pie
CH  Village Inn `s Special Sparkle
CH Paquita`s Dinah-Mite


GC Paquita`s Big Mac
CH Paquita`s Stella Del Mar

Fluffy Angel Canadian Rose


Commodore`s Vincent Of Fluffy Angel


CH Bocasana Twist N`Shout of Commodore
CH Parti Wai Tutie Fruitie
Fluffy Angel`s Heavenly Kisses

Dilute Calico

CH Purrty Katz High Mileage
Purrty Katz Last Dance

Planet Love´s Cooky Face

dilute calico

Eltern: Großeltern: Urgroßeltern: Ururgroßeltern:


Belamy´s Mozart of Planet Love

blue white


Candirand´s Pavarotti of Belamy
Brown Cl.Tabby & White
CFA GC Candirand Somebody Slap Me
Van Blue & White
CFA GC Wattkatz Stroke Of Luck
CFA CH. Candirand´s Simply Sassy
Candirand´s Key To My Heart
Van Brown Tabby & White
CFA GC Catillak´s Eskimo
Candirand´s Mademoiselle
Candirand´s Bella Rose Of Belamy

CFA GR, RW Candirand´s Blast From The Past
 Van Blue Tabby & White
CFA GC Candirand´s Somerbody Slap
CFA GC Candirand Shut UP-N-Kiss Me
Candirand´s Scent of a Rose
 Red & White
Tehy Apollo of Catillak
Ch. Candirand Briar Rose


US CH Schahbanus Venus
dilute calico

El Zaburs Time Bandit of Schahbanu
black harlekin
US CH Meihua Sergei of El-Zaburs
cream white
Budmar William of Meihua
copper eyed White
Zhao Phoebe of Meihua Calico

Fanci FX Meli Melo of Elzaburs calico


GC Vondeens Hot Shot of Fanci FX
red tabby white
GC Chantilylace Remarkable
of Fanci FX

 Miramacats Beautygirl of Schahbanu
cream white
US CH Validian`s Lucky Strike
cream white
Artemis Lucky Charm of Validian
Bolo`s Katie of Validian
US CH Miramacats Patched Girl
Miramacats Blue Tattoo
US CH Miramacats Moulin Rouge