Summerstar Persians, Persians in solid, bico, harlekin and van Summerstar Persians, Persians in solid, bico, harlekin and van

Summerstar´s Casper


I He is the last baby out of Rhamjoge Secret Love and Couronne Casanova... *Beauty had need to have a c-section and it was in the first days not sure whether the boy will do it or not. But some of my other cats was go and have start to clean and cuddle him. It was simply darling.

I just hope to have still the chance to get any pics of him. He is a really sweet and gentle boy, also with the girls. They all love him :-).

Over the lines of Couronne Casanova, he also is o/e carrier... I don´t think that I´ve girls which are also o/e carrier, but soon we would be know more :-)...

Casper in the summer dress :-)!

both parents are PKD negative by DNA

Couronne Casanova of Davikatz, blue-van per CH Couronne Forget me not



CH Barmont's Belle of Couronne


GC Candirand's Sweet Escapes of Couronne

CH Harwood Rio of Couronne

GC Candirand's Sweet Inspiration                CH Candirand's Unbridled Passion
GC Harwood Renoir        
Harwood Kaitlyn
GC,NW Barmont's Show-N-Tell

GC Fozit Land's Sugar N' Spice of Barmont

GC,NW Fountainhead's Flauntleroy
GC,RW,DM Jlor's Bonnie Blue Chip of Barmont
CH Rubyrose's Furlie of Fozlitland
CH Fozlit Land's Wild Thang  
Rhamjoge Secret Love of Summerstar, calico per

GC,RW Sho-Dazzler Invincible of Rhamjoge



GC,RW Rhamjoge Unforgettable DM

GC,RW Boberan All Fired up of Sho-Dazzler

CH Catillak Who's That Girl

GC,RW,DM Jolee's Dune of Boberan  GC,RW,DM Boberan's Holiday
DM Tehy Apollo of Catillak           Rhamjoge Help Me Rhonda of Catillak
GC,RW,DM Catillak Light My Fire of Rhamjoge

DM Cotn Hill Penny of Rhamjoge             

GC,RW,DM Catillak's Sooner or Later       CH, RW Candirand's Some Like it Hot
GC,RW Candirand's Crash Bandicoot      CH Pojo's Nightly Blossom of Cotn Hill